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NuBlu Energy Signs MSA with GL Africa Energy for LNG Solutions

Texas-based NuBlu Energy and GL Africa Energy (GLAE) has signed a master service agreement (MSA) to develop and implement natural gas flare capture and localised liquefied natural gas (LNG) solutions throughout Africa.

Utilising patented liquefaction technology developed by NuBlu, GLAE will capture the flare gas, convert it to LNG, and distribute it to supply industry, which will boost the economic growth.

Natural gas flaring is a by-product of oil production that prevents a significant supply of gas from entering markets and infrastructure.

Billions of cubic metres of natural gas are flared annually. This releases millions of tons of CO₂ into the atmosphere and contributes to climate change.

GLAE is also developing a mini-LNG infrastructure to boost localised supplies of LNG. Combined with NuBlu’s liquefaction technology, the company will now be able to transport LNG to areas not served by major pipelines, lowering fuel costs and providing the industry with a cleaner-burning fuel.

GLAE and NuBlu already have several projects under development and will be announcing those before the end of the year.

GLAE chief technology officer Dr Frederic Briens said: “We are excited about this partnership and are very pleased that our cooperation is bringing a solution that will provide an affordable and cleaner-burning fuel to many communities in Africa.”

NuBlu Energy president Josh Payne said: “Our technology was developed for applications like flare capture and distributed LNG production. We look forward to helping GLAE bring LNG to every corner of Africa and becoming the standard for capturing and utilizing flared natural gas.”

Founded in 2013, GLAE is a company that provides affordable, reliable and sustainable energy across the Great Lakes and Southern Africa regions. The firm’s power solutions use innovative technology to harness complex local sources of energy, from solar to LNG and captured flare gas.

NuBlu energy is based in Center, Texas, and has a patented LNG technology developed in the US Department of Energy. This technology was designed for micro to small-scale distributed LNG production.

With its small footprint and modular approach, LNG production can be moved closer to the end-user and grow with the regional needs. NuBlu commercialised this technology with the construction of a small-scale liquefaction facility in Port Allen, Louisiana. It owns and operates the facility today.

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